Healthy Cranberry Pecan Breakfast Muffins

These little muffins are your key to easy, happy holiday breakfasts! Breakfast is the first thing to fall apart during the holiday season in our home. During Thanksgiving week when I know I’m going to end up cooking half the day, I have zero interest in making anything to eat in the mornings. Enter healthy breakfast muffins!

Most importantly, did I mention they’re made in the blender?! Just blend old-fashioned oats into oat flour, dump in the rest of your ingredients, and you’re ready to pour into muffin cups! Plus they’re gluten free, sweetened with maple syrup, and only 120 calories per rich, dense muffin. Whaaaaat. I got you covered!

Healthy Cranberry Pecan Breakfast Muffins

I seriously can’t rave about these enough. They’re so filling despite their size, almost like a little baked oatmeal cup. I even crumbled one over my yogurt like granola – seriously happy start to the morning.

And of course you can switch up the flavors however you want! Got almonds hanging out in the pantry instead of pecans? Raisins instead of cranberries? Throwing in a handful of chocolate chips just because? Yes, yes, and yes, all highly encouraged.

Healthy Cranberry Pecan Breakfast Muffins

A couple tips for ultimate blender muffin success:

  • Look for unsweetened cranberries. A lot of dried fruits are unfortunately loaded with added sugar… totally unnecessary. The maple syrup is plenty sweet enough!
  • Blend the oats until some are finely ground but there are still a few large flakes. Pulverizing them into a fine powder will make your muffins gummy and texture-less and boring.
  • Fold in the cranberries and pecans with a spatula – we want them to stay in large chunks, not get blended into tiny bits.
  • Pour the batter into muffin cups and bake right away. The longer the batter sits, the more moisture absorbs into the oats, and we end up with gummy muffins.
  • Golden brown crunchy muffin tops are ev-er-y-thing. Truth.

I’m working on my “final” Thanksgiving menu, meaning it’ll only change five or six more times by next week. I just can’t stop adding more dishes! What are your favorite tips for simplifying holiday cooking?

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